Answering Commonly Asked Questions About Fire Warden Training

Fire wardens are recommended for not only commercial buildings but residential structures as well. The person in charge, who can be a building owner, manager or boss in a company should always ensure that there is a well-trained fire warden in the building. This increases the emergency preparedness of employees, residents, tenants and general occupants. It ensures no one gets hurt in the case of a fire emergency.

Who Is a Fire Warden?

This is a person who has undergone training to learn how to identify and report hazards and emergencies, behave during fire emergencies, respond to such emergencies, establish preventative measures, establish emergency drills, ensure all employees or residents are accounted for during an evacuation, etc.

To ensure the training is effective, it is conducted under Australian standard requirements, and fire wardens are bound to legal and regulatory requirements.

Should You Take an Online or Face-to-Face Fire Warden Training Course?

You may come across online and physical/face-to-face fire warden training. Though online courses may seem likeable and comfortable to you as a fire warden trainee, it is recommended that you participate in a face-to-face training. It directly exposes you to physical conditions you might experience in case of emergencies. This way you get to know whether you can handle the work of a fire warden and you can offer quality and effective service. For the theory part, you can do it online because it is just a question and answer test.

What Are Fire Warden Refresher Courses?

New information about fire and how to deal with it is gathered all the time. Fire wardens need to learn this information, and this is why you might hear they require refresher courses. If you have employed a fire warden, ensure that he or she takes a refresher course at least once a year. This is not only for his or her benefit but for yours as well because you are better protected.

How Many Fire Wardens Should You Hire?

The answer to this question can be found by considering the size of your organisation. Of course, one fire warden cannot effectively conduct his or her duty if he or she has to cover a large area. You need to hire more than one, but they need to coordinate and make a common evacuation or emergency plan so that each does not interfere with the other fire warden's area. For small businesses, you might only require one.